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"Discover a wide range of high-quality accessories and tools for wholesale manicurists. Explore our collection and take your nail art to the next level!"
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"At Ivana The Art, we are proud to offer an exclusive selection of nail polishes that stand out for their quality and variety.

Our products are carefully selected to meet the needs of manicure professionals, providing vibrant colors, long-lasting finishes and a formula of high quality that guarantees an impeccable result in each application. In addition, our commitment to excellence in customer service ensures an unparalleled purchasing experience, with fast shipping and personalized attention. Trust Ivana The Art to elevate your nail art to the highest level. next level."

Build & Design
Dear Nail Artists:
Oliva Limonta, Marialy Soriano, Yudelis Cabrera, Nae Araujo, Rachel Reishel, Raishel Nail Salon.

It fills us with joy and gratitude to know that you have chosen our products to complement your unique and creative style.
Your choice of our products not only honors us, but also inspires us to continue creating and improving every day. It is a privilege to be part of your artistic expression.
Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be part of your creative journey. We hope that our products continue to be a source of inspiration and tools for your art.

With all our love and admiration,

Ivana The Art

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At Ivana The Art!

We are dedicated to providing manicure professionals with the best products so that their creations shine with style and elegance. We specialize in the sale of high quality gel polish, as well as a wide range of accessories, stickers and 3D nail art.

Our gel polish is formulated with the best ingredients to ensure a smooth, long-lasting application and a flawless finish on every manicure. With a wide selection of colors and finishes, from classic shades to the latest fashion trends, we are sure you will find the perfect combination for every occasion.

In addition to our gel polish, we offer a variety of accessories, stickers and 3D art to add a unique and creative touch to your nail designs. From precision tools to dazzling embellishments, our catalog is designed to inspire you and help you take your nail art skills to the next level.

At Ivana The Art, we are committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and an easy and convenient shopping experience. Our passion for manicure and nail care drives us to continue innovating and offering the best in the industry.

Join us on our journey to transform every manicure into a masterpiece of beauty and style!

Thank you for choosing Ivana The Art for all your nail art needs!

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